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Superior Compression Strength

Superior Compression Strength

Our patented 6-Digit Star shaped dimple structure increases compression strength and durability. Hydrostar membranes deliver a rugged structure, for better, longer lasting moisture protection.

The right building envelope is a crucial element in enabling the proper air and moisture barrier. Hydrostar Membranes keep water from reaching the concrete foundation, effectively neutralizing the impact of capillary suction.

Solutions for High Rise and Low Rise


The 6-Digit Star Hydrostar AG provides high compression with a lower profile than other HDPE sheet systems for greater compression resistance and dimple integrity.

Ideal for Low Rise applications, including: poured concrete foundations, concrete blocks foundations, ICF foundations and much more.

High Rise – HYDROSTAR 6000

The Hydrostar 6000 has a unique 10mm dimple membrane and a taller dimple for a higher stress crack resistance and more.

Ideal for High rise applications, including: retaining walls, caisson walls, pile and lagging walls, bridge abutments, blind side application for both interior or exterior conditions, as well as reduction of ground water pressure on subsurface structures.

Ben Janicki, President, Hydrostar

Hydrostar provides advanced, cost-effective solutions to the construction industry that are environmentally friendly and ISO Compliant.

- Ben Janicki, President, Hydrostar

Solutions for highrise and lowrise

Environmentally Friendly

Hydrostar Membranes are made from select base stock high density polyolefin (HDPE) resins which are 100% recycled, which contributes to a reduction in the carbon footprint due to raw materials and manufacturing. This is also complimented by our ISO 14001 Certified production facilities. This enables you maximize your contribution of LEED points for your projects.

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Canada Green Building Council
CCMC Canadian Construction Materials Centre

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