Hydrostar AG

Efficient protection of the waterproofing layer and proper ventilation between surface and soil eliminating
hydrostatic pressure.

Hydrostar High Performance Membrane

High Performance Membrane

Hydrostar AG is a high performance damp proofing membrane that is made specifically for the residential and light commercial construction industry.

The Hydrostar AG ensures excellent drainage and the channeling of transient ground water to the drainage system. The star-shaped dimples provides optimal resistance to compression where protection of a subterranean structure is being considered in the absence of hydrostatic pressure from ground source water tables.

Common Uses

Low Rise Buildings

  • Foundations, including Concrete and Concrete Blocks
  • Shallow foundations (to 3.7 m/12.1 ft)
    for residential and light commercial buildings
  • ICF Foundations not exceeding 3.7 m/12.1 ft in depth (w/wo additional protection)
  • Preserved wood foundations (PWF)
  • Retaining wall construction (with draining backfills)
  • Shallow foundations (to 3.7 m/12.1 ft)
    for residential
  • Pre-fabricated insulated walls forms

High Rise

  • Shallow foundations (to 3.7 m/12.1 ft) for residential and light commercial buildings


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Hydrostar Unique Structure

Unique Structure of the Hydrostar AG

The Hydrostar AG uses a revolutionality 6-Digit Star shaped dimple structure that increases strength and provides maximum durability. It provides high compressive strength with a low profile.

The Hydrostar AG is manufacturerd with 100% recycled polyolefin resins which contributes to a low carbon footprint. It’s manufactured in our ISO 14001 Certified facility which helps you to maximize your LEED points.

CCMC Approved

Hydrostar AG has been evaluated by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for its dampproofing and drainage properties and is approved for use as an alternative equal to those materials specified in the Building Codes as dampproofing and drainage materials. This ensures that the material has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure it meets the demands of the building industry for performance, durability, and effectiveness.

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